* About Me


Full name:

Age: 27

Country: The Netherlands

Occupation: (Temporary) Household Help for elderly people

Education: Sociology Master (Master of Science)

Marital status: Single

Siblings: Two older sisters

Pets: None. Dying for a pet bunny, though

Favourite colour: Yellow

Favourite animal: I love all animals (except worms, maggots, etc.), but am absolutely obsessed with giant panda's. <3 them!

Languages: Dutch (native speaker) and English (fluent). A tiny bit of German and even less French. I am trying to learn Icelandic. Because I can... I think.

Things I love: Reading, writing, watching tv (movies/series), baking, travelling, working out, badminton, running, playing board games with friends, hanging out with friends, hiking (every so often), knitting, colouring mandala's, learning new languages or expanding my knowledge of currently learned languages, drinking tea, tidying up and organizing/planning things, giant panda's, Oscar Wilde, Irish folkmusic, Baileys (coffee), rose tea, autumn storms, The Big Bang Theory, the Dutch version of "The Mole", English literary classics, really old horrormovies.

Things I hate: Being laughed at, finding an empty toilet roll where a new one should be hanging, movies with a lousy storyline (or books. Well, basically any story that's not really a story), small-minded people, disrespectful people, agressive people, not being able to eat all I want without gaining weight, animal cruelty, slavery, drunk people, being misunderstood, being ignored, movies that are based on books but are nothing like the book, injustice.

Goals for 2014: Finding a job, moving to another country (preferably for a job), learning Icelandic, getting myself a pet rabbit and calling it Master Oscar or Lord Wilde (not sure yet - if it's a grey bunny I might opt for Dorian), learning how to run 5km in 30 mins, visiting Spain (Madrid), Switzerland, and maybe even Iceland (if I'm learning the language, might as well go back), getting over this low self-esteem of mine.

Sam in 7 words: Different, caring, conscientious (sounds so much better than "neurotic", doesn't it?), perfectionistic, insecure, strong-willed, introverted.

Favourite quote: Anything Oscar Wilde's ever said, although one of my faves of his is:

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken