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September 7th, 2014
I am in the process of reviving myself and my blog. But, as I said before, I am trying to move it to another host and so I anticipate a lot of more time to be spent on my blog-moving.

I have been invited to attend a blog event this Wednesday! So excited, but also a little bit nervous because the event is in Amsterdam and that's notacityIlikeverymuch.But still, socoolIgotinvited!

August 13th, 2014

Yes, I am still alive. However, I've been way too busy working during the week and too tired from work during the weekends to blog. Plus, I am thinking of moving my blog to another host, so... It's still alive, just a little, erh, asleep. Like me ;)

February 15th, 2014


Dictionary ~ /dik-shuh-ner-ee/

A dictionary is often a book with lists of words, alphabetically ordered, with their correct spelling, pronunciation, meaning, and sometimes their translation into another language (in this picture, that would be Dutch). In my experience, a dictionary can sometimes be a person.

I am a dictionary.

That is to say, that was the nickname my classmates gave me when I was taking an English language course overseas. Appears I didn't really need the course, but then again, you never know upfront, do you? (Plus, I enrolled for an internship programme and that required me to follow said course for at least 4 weeks. So I guess I did need it after all).

Anyway, as I said, my friends started calling me "The Dictionary", and I kind of liked it. I guess it stuck with me. And besides correcting people and showering them with my wisdom (please note a sarcastic undertone there), I like writing and reading, especially in English, so I can try and maintain my high level of this foreign language, as well as keep on learning new words.

Since the reading bit isn't the hardest part to keep up with, I created this blog in order to keep my writing skills at wit, too (and hopefully improve them). And because I was so lovingly called "The Dictionary", I decided to incorporate this into my blog title and posts.

Please note the definitions I give of the words I use for my titles are not to be taken too seriously, as they are my definitions as opposed to real, official ones. Also, the pronunciations I give come from dictionary.reference.com, a most fantastic website I often use when on the search for more words, or when translating from old-English texts. The underlined syllable is the one with the stress on it.

Finally, all linked pictures used for my blog entries were photo's I did not take myself. Naturally, all the pictures I've used for my entries that are unlinked, are my own pictures.


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